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(I doubt it's one that you've heard)

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BECK Live Action, final fangirl opinions:

the boys are cute, the music’s pretty great, the characters (except Koyuki!!!) are spot on, and there are a few fantastically enjoyable scenes….

but get back to me when you learn how to hire a singer for Koyuki and do a voice-over. srsly.


do see what i see? BLOND Osamu Mukai Kyaa~!

Saturday…. :D:D:D



Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad- Evolution

So now I’m excited for the movie.

going to see this the first weekend I’m back in Japan! already have my ticket….. haha

fangirl fangirl fangirl

bought my ticket today because apparently when you buy tickets early in Japan THEY GIVE YOU STUFF. awesome.

and yeah, this is what’s hanging over my computer table now….

reference point: anime opening theme


except maybe Maho. I DON’T CARE IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME~~~~~!


Aya told me about this a few weeks ago and I haven’t stop squealing since….. the manga is one part totally frigging ridiculous rockstar fantasy, one part utterly bizarre and awkward humor, and one part legitimate coming of age story. and I will continue to fangirl out about it without shame until I get to see it in September. XDXDXD

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